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     Trial download v1.3 about 5 MB .EXE file
for workshop, garage, mechanical repair services, etc.
The trial version works for 120 days as fully featured evaluation (network too), trial period can be extended by request
Full version (the license fee is to be paid only once):
                                     for 1 computer :     99 EUR or 129 US$ (incl. V.A.T.)
                                     for 2 computers : 149 EUR or 199 US$
                                     for 3 computers : 179 EUR or 239 US$
                                     for 4 computers : 199 EUR or 259 US$
                                     more computers : by request
Deutsche Version :   deutsche Version : "Terminplanung für Arztpraxen"
Versión en español :   versión en español : "Agenda Medica"

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